About Us

Sunspear Kittens had catered for Savannah , Bengal Kittens and other cat breeds for many years but for the past eleven years that we’ve specialized within the Savannah & Bengal Kittens breed, we’ve tried to become very familiar with our current cats. We started this since March 2003 and that we have worked a superb deal on this particular cat breed.
Savannah & Bengal breeds are beautiful, healthy, well socialized . Our goal is to reinforce the breed with each planned mating so as that they’re ready for the show ring or forever loved as pets by their families. Savannah & Bengal kittens are our focus; we do not breed the opposite kind of cats! We are very happy with our new up and coming cattery and feel honored to share this magnificent breed with others.
You are welcome you to our site… As early as I can recall, my love for this wonderful breeds began as a young child. Mother “introduced” me to the Savannah & Bengal kittens after arriving home from the hospital, when she decided to place three of her queens into my bassinet. Later in life, Mom went on to explain how she grabbed her camera and took pictures of me with her three breeding queens nestled into my bassinet. This has always been a treasured story growing up as a child. The Savannah & Bengal kittens have always been part of my life until I left to join the military and marry. After leaving the military, I came home and was devastated to learn that Mother’s health had deteriorated and was no longer able to breed. Needless to say, I was determined to continue breeding the Savannah & Bengal kittens. Unfortunately for me, my mother petted out most of her breeding cats, which left me the job of finding new bloodlines. Thankfully at the time, I was able to locate a Savannah & Bengal kittens breeder who sold me my very first foundational breeding cats.
We raise only few quality litters a year, focusing on quality, not quantity. Our Savannah & Bengal kittens have no more than two litters a year. Qualities of our breeding program are based on soundness, health, temperament and balance. We are continuously searching for old lineages, combing each pedigree looking for pure, sound and healthy lines.

::About Our Cattery::

Because our cattery is home based, we have no special “facilities” for our cats. Visiting our cattery is visiting our home. Our females and males live with us as a part of the household. Our kittens are born in our bedroom and are under a constant supervision. They are handled and well socialized from birth through to the time they leave.  You are welcome to visit us and meet our cats and kittens . However, we have certain criteria that we go by.~ Only families that have placed a deposit are allowed visits.~ Visits are allowed only after kittens have received their first vaccination (8 wks)~ Only the kitten you have expressed interest in adopting, will be visited.~ If children are brought, we respectfully ask that they be watched and well behaved.
~Buyers will be notified if there are any available remaining kittens, please Contact us to make an appointment to visit 
We ask, for the safety of the kitten and our Cattery, that on the day of your scheduled visit, you not have any other previous appointments with other Catteries, or Shelters.. Our goal is to breed for health/temperament first and do all we will to supply cats that fit within the breed standard! Although size isn’t the foremost important thing, it’s a definite characteristic of the breed. We are privileged to possess worked with several reputable catteries to get Savannah & Bengal kittens.